EFCOVAL aims to further develop and validate a trans-European food consumption method to be used for estimating the intake of foods, nutrients and potentially hazardous chemicals within the European population.

Currently most EU countries are collecting dietary intake data at a national level. At an international level, such data have often limited comparability and are of varying quality.

EFCOVAL follows in the footsteps of the 'European Food Consumption Survey Method' project (EFCOSUM), which advised the use of repeated, non-consecutive 24-hour periods ("24-h dietary recalls") through strictly standardised procedures, for reliable and comparable transnational data collection.

The EPIC-SOFT program, developed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, was recommended by EFCOSUM as the first choice to collect food consumption data in future pan-European monitoring surveys. Additional developments and improvements are needed during this project to adapt the software to the EFCOVAL goals.

Efcoval Closing Conference

9-10 September 2009 [workshop 7-8 September 2009]

Utrecht, the Netherlands

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The project is summarised in pdf form in our flyer (to print on a local printer) or use this for a print-ready version.

Project official close date: 31 March 2010